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Contemporary Rectangle Pinboards

Our beautiful Rectangle are regularly available in a range of stunning colours - both brights and neutrals, offering you true versatility depending on the look you're trying to achieve!  

These beautiful pinboards are perfect for offices, homes, home-offices, kitchens, living spaces, study nooks, kids rooms and more!  Made from premium materials, manufactured in New Zealand, these beautiful pinboards have a stunning felt-like finish that both looks and feels amazing! They are both rigid and light-weight, making them truly the perfect pinboard!  Just like our fun pinboards, our contemporary range is easy to install and use - that's right - no drills, screws or holes in walls (installation instructions). Not only do they look good but they are incredibly environmentally friendly, predominantly made from post consumer recycled material. They are also safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Why would you want a fragile and boring old fashioned cork board when you can have a modern looking and robust  pinboard like this! It's time to update those pinboards folks!

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