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Our Story

Welcome to Pinpals! I started Pinpals while raising our two gorgeous girls.  It all started when searching for pinboards for them.  I really wanted something that added to the cool and fun look that we were creating in their rooms.   I also wanted them to be super easy to use so that they could pin up their own artwork and take control of what they display.   And finally, I wanted something that was hassle free to install – no nails, drills and screws required!

I just couldn’t find anything in New Zealand that ticked all of these boxes – boring old corkboards just don’t do it for me or my kids!  That’s when we began experimenting with materials, shapes and techniques to develop our pinboards for children’s rooms and living spaces.  


Following the success of our original products, we have developed a product range that has a stylised contemporary feel, perfect for any space in your home or office.  All designed and made in New Zealand.


Simple shapes, small and large, and available in colours that feel natural or make bold statements in even the most modern living spaces and offices.  


All our boards are made from premium materials in a selection of beautiful colours and come in a stunning felt-like finish that looks and feels amazing.  Environmentally friendly, made from a high-proportion of post-consumer recycled material, they are extremely easy to install and use (installation instructions).


Our range continues to evolve today, with new shapes, materials and products in development and our mission to create amazing pinboards (and other cool stuff) for homes and offices continues!


We are always happy to help with ideas or inquiries, please feel free to email us

Amanda xx

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