For all train-mad kids, the perfect train pinboard. Customise yours by choosing from our great fabric range.

Dimensions: 90cm x 50cm. 


Our fun pinboards are made in New Zealand using a mix of machine and hand cutting. These pinboards look incredible in kids rooms and living spaces. They are extremely easy to use and install – that’s right, no drills, screws or holes in walls. 


Our fun pinboards are suitable for kids from around the age of 3 (or when you consider them to be safe with Push Pins). You will love seeing your children start to take control of their own artwork and watching them proudly display - photos, art, certificates and memorabilia!


All our fun pinboards are made from precision-cut, high-density polystyrene, faced with carefully selected, high-quality craft fabrics designed to make the pinboard look good and perform well. We use a remarkably robust form of polystyrene that allows us to make such fabulous shapes.


These are exceptionally light weight, great when considering the unpredictability of the seismic conditions in New Zealand! This makes them especially safe to have in children's room, even above the bed!

Train Pinboard

  • All our pinboard shapes are made from precision-cut high-density polystyrene. This is a remarkably robust form of polystyrene making it the perfect material for a pinboard and allows us to create amazing shapes.

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