Pinpals Coasters. Set of 4 - Choose your own colours to suit your decor. Size: 100mm Diameter x 12mm Depth. Colours: Grey, Pink, Ice, Aqua, Navy, Orange, Red, Charcoal, Mustard, Black, Avocado, Denim and Cobalt. 


Quite simply, we love our coasters and we are proud to say that these are being widely adopted in homes and offices throughout New Zealand!  Made from premium materials, manufactured in New Zealand, these beautiful coasters have a stunning felt-like finish that both looks and feels amazing! They are both rigid and light-weight, making them the perfect coaster.


Not only do they look good but they are incredibly environmentally friendly, predominantly made from post-consumer recycled material. They are also safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic. 


It's time to update any ugly old fashioned and coasters (we’ve all had them!) and opt for a more modern, stylish and minimalist look! 


See Care Instructions


$5 Shipping Nationwide. 

Choose your own colours - Coaster Set (set of 4)

Colour 1:
Colour 2:
Colour 3:
Colour 4: