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Product: Pinpals Buddy Pinboard.

Colour: Grey (Resene Colour Match: Scarpa Flow)

Dimensions: 800 x  620 x 12mm

Materials: Compressed Polyester Felt.


Made from New Zealand made compressed felt polyester. Manufactured in New Zealand.


These beautiful pinboards have a stunning felt-like finish that both looks and feels amazing! Rigid and light-weight - this material makes the perfect pinboard! Easy to install and use - that's right - no drills, screws or holes in walls (installation instructions). They look and feel good and retain their great looks. Environmentally friendly, predominantly made from post consumer recycled material. Safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Buddy Pinboard (Limited Edition)

  • Our premium pinboards are made from a compressed felt polyester that looks and feels amazing. They are also environmentally friendly using a minimum of 60% recycled material. What's not to love! 

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