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Setting the table: A simple comfort

One ritual that’s special to me is setting the table and enjoying a meal with my family. As we approach the end of an intense year, eating together seems even more important than usual. It’s an opportunity to really connect as a family away from distractions.

My daughters take turns setting the table in preparation for our meal. Most of the time, they race through this job as quickly as possible so they can return to whatever they were doing. But occasionally, they will take great care over how the table looks – carefully choosing the placemats and coasters, sometimes adding flowers or lighting a candle. As you can imagine, these moments make my heart sing!

There’s something so special about making the table a nice place to enjoy our time together. The simple ritual of talking about our day and sharing our food can so easily be taken for granted. Taking care to set the table reminds us that eating together is about so much more than just food. It’s about showing each other we’re here, and we care.

Something that makes this ritual even more significant for me personally is that we use Pinpals tableware. I’ve created a range of felt coasters and placemats using the same high-quality material as my pinboards.

I’m really proud of this beautiful tableware. It’s versatile, stylish, and looks great in any home. With Christmas right around the corner, and many of you looking to order gifts online due to Lockdown, I thought I’d share some more details about this stunning range.

Here are seven reasons to love our felt placemats and coasters.

1. Our felt tableware will stay in style

I’ll be honest, the word ‘tableware’ conjures up memories of kitsch plastic-coated placemats with pictures of famous landmarks or famous artwork. You, too?

As for coasters, I can’t help but think of the many I’ve seen in shops that are a bit like magnets – quirky images with funny one-liners. Novelty items to make you laugh, smile, or reminisce about faraway places you once visited.

I have fond memories of eating and drinking off this type of tableware as a child, but I worry about the durability of such designs today. When more people are looking to ‘buy once and buy well’, novelty tableware seems like the kind of purchase that will go out of style very quickly.

Felt tableware might not remind you of when you visited a new country or that inside joke with a friend, but it won’t go out of style. Available in a range of colours, it has timeless appeal and will always be on-trend. It looks just as great with modern whiteware as it does with your favourite set of Crown Lynn. It’s stylish enough to make a statement but neutral enough to complement the rest of your table setting. You’ll love it for decades to come!

2. It’s non-toxic

Our felt placemats and coasters are thermally bonded, which means no glues or adhesives were used in the production process. Thermal bonding only uses heat to melt the fibres together. Jargon aside, this means you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind that you’re not exposing yourself or your family to anything toxic.

3. It’s sustainable

The felt we use for our placemats and coasters is made from predominantly recycled materials. We use a minimum of 60% of previously recycled polyester fibre from PET bottle flakes.

What’s more, most of our tableware is made from materials we save from our pinboards and bed heads. This means we’re able to reduce the amount of waste we produce as a company.

4. It’s easy to clean

If you clean it quickly – and take care to blot spillages instead of rubbing or wiping them – felt is exceptionally easy to clean. Some liquids even run off the material before being absorbed. Check out the below video of me taking care of a red wine spill.

Of course, some foods and drinks are harder to remove than others. For example, my kids love pasta with a tomato-based sauce, so I try not to serve this meal on light-coloured placemats. That said, as long as I clean up the spills quickly, they tend to come straight out. The trick is to get onto any stains as soon as possible to give them less time to stick around! And be sure to follow our care instructions for optimal upkeep.

5. It’s very practical and functional

The main purpose of tableware is to protect your table – and our placemats and coasters certainly do that. They are large enough to capture any spills and for you to be able to rest your cutlery alongside your plate. Our tableware is also great to have on hand for when the kids are colouring in or doing other arts and crafts. If you're wanting something smaller, we also have the little mini-mats which are perfect for underneath vases.

6. It makes a great gift

Lightweight, affordable, stylish, and timeless – this range ticks all the boxes for a great gift. Our tableware will suit any decor. And, as it’s so light, shipping is affordable.

You can buy both placemats and coasters to gift a full set, or just coasters for a smaller yet equally thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a birthday, housewarming, Christmas, or other special occasion, these are a great and unique option for the people in your life who can be a little hard to buy for.

7. Finally – it’s beautiful!

Last but not least, our tableware is truly beautiful. It adds elegance to any table and makes sitting down for a meal feel all the more special. But don’t let us convince you ​​– let these photos speak for themselves.

More tips to help make every meal special

One of the most wonderful things about tableware in general is it makes every meal feel important. The ritual of setting the table is great for kids and adults alike, and it sets the tone for what will hopefully be a lovely meal – whether you’re dining with friends, family, or on your own.

Here are some more tips to help maximise that feel-good factor.

  • Add fresh flowers to the table.

  • Place a jug of water on the table to save people getting up and down.

  • Consider lighting some candles.

  • Play soft relaxing music in the background.

  • Take turns sharing what you’re grateful for each day.

The simple act of setting the table reminds me to shift from ‘practical mode’ to ‘relaxing mode’. It’s a lovely prompt for me to slow down for a bit – at least until the dishes pile up!


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